Why do I feel so lonely?

In crowded schools or churches, reunited with family or friends, even sitting next to the world's favorite people, why people still feel lonely? Obviously, the problem is not just lack of love. Logically, the feeling of complete sadness and separation does not make sense. In any case, in a similar situation, thousands of people are asking: why do I feel lonely?

In the face of the loneliness of consumption, a very interesting person no matter what "I know your feelings", without any help. Blunder! Only the individual knows his / her feeling, but still hard to understand why and how to feel so intense.

However, it helps to accept the advice of the saints from those who used to be extremely lonely in the past, and still managed to come out and find happiness again. In addition, in determining the root cause of the problem is possible, the secondary coping mood and healing process. A combination of a single event or problem may be the culprit.


In fact, the list is endless. An individual feels that the feeling of the heart is an effective feeling. This question is important to the individual, even if the question seems insignificant to another question and should be resolved in a respectful and compassionate manner. Therefore, consider some common causes of loneliness in the crowd:

Unresolved feeling

Honestly, the best people who hurt others are probably friends and family. Sometimes, the roots of loneliness do not even know that he / she is responsible for these unresolved feelings. Even if a friend or family knows the tense situation; a good heart on the heart can generally solve the bitter lonely and clear the air.

But sometimes, completely depressed people sometimes imprisoned them to understand that he / she has the key to having a bad feeling released from prison. For a real example, a man had an unusual disagreement with a high school companion twenty years ago. However, so far, he is still very painful feeling of this person. When asked why he hated another man so much, he did not even remember, but he despised him.

The filling of hatred and discomfort can completely destroy life, causing deep solitude. However, this feeling is nothing more than the purpose, even if the problem can never be solved with another person. Life is too short, it is possible to waste valuable suffering.

[1945900] The secret is sometimes interesting. Christmas, birthday, special occasions, it is exciting, some secret. But it is unhealthy to keep personal secrets and separate people from friends and family. A good example is work. As we all know, even after the loss of work, the same day morning to work the ceremony. Hope to find a new position before any of your loved ones find it.

It is difficult to share the trouble as well as the victory with the most popular people. In this case, loneliness is homemade and may be unnecessary. People who really care will naturally be sympathetic and helpful when good times and bad times.

[1945900] Unsuccessful

Many people compare their lives with other relatives, and their professionalism seems great. Therefore, their work seems to be unimportant. How wrong it is, if someone does not want to leave a sewer working system or pick up the neighborhood garbage, then the community of other people's life will be how. In fact, some people who seem to have these are actually the most lonely and unfortunate people on this planet.

[1945900]] Ignorance

Most people can use the loneliness associated with ignorance in the crowd to identify. For example, a single gal went to a group of friends who had married and discussed the child. Oops! Maybe these people are talking about sports, and do not know more about science and nature. Rather than feel unaware, stay to listen for a while. Showing some interest. ask questions. Have the opportunity to share a personal interest topic will be invited. [1945903]


Really, everyone on this planet has once or Once bored, some people seem to have a trick to attract acquaintances. However, in order to combat loneliness, to understand the real real friends in life can be counted on the fingers. Know that friends usually need to leave the comfort zone, a friend. Learning to combat loneliness and victory is feasible.

There is no

Not everyone has a gift of grace. Therefore, the social situation is only embarrassing, generally lead to loneliness. However, learning social grace is possible. Find out how to become part of the conversation, rather than completely silent or dominate, is something that can learn and practice over time. Some of the smartest people on earth think it is social weakness. So, this is not necessarily down. Can be overcome.

In short

Even between family and friends, loneliness is possible. It can be a time to climb the shell, waiting for the appropriate time to escape. On the contrary, it is also the opportunity to practice new skills, use different ways of thinking, to overcome one of the most common problems associated with true loneliness.