Why do not you rent a luxury car if you can not buy it

Keep yourself in the following situation: Your girlfriend has been attracted to the new Cadillac Escalade in your next lane door neighbor. You realize that you can not afford it, you start to feel a little depressed. You love your woman, want to give her the knowledge of love, but you can not; frustration is not it? Then, suddenly, it hit you; why not rent it? Yes, rent a luxury car will not lose your arms and legs.

So, you decide to have a nice surprise for your sweetheart next weekend; you go to the rental store and rent it for the next weekend on the Cadillac Escalade. Now you can expect a romantic weekend in a luxury car, imagine, when you see this girlfriend, your girlfriend will be surprised!

When you rent a luxury car, there are some tips:

Do some research

Find your lover's dream driving , And what special choices or colors they have. Learn about all vehicles from the manufacturer's website or by visiting your local dealer. So that you can know exactly what your girlfriend meant when she said she would like to drive a 7-series BMW

Make sure you have considered all the options so that you will not waste time turning the knob once You can get a taxi and a gadget. Ask a different leasing company to ask for your choice of color or choice.

Find the best price

Search for a discount on the internet, your mother may not pick the color, but she may like the color of the seat. Luxury cars. Also check your credit card for any partner trade, or you can use your airline mileage or credit card points for this purpose. See if you can find coupon codes and print online. Many car rental companies (such as Enterprise, etc.) offer free upgrade options behind receipts, which means that you can rent luxury cars by paying high or mid-range rentals.

Unlimited mileage will be a good idea

For flexibility, where do you want to go and also go to unlimited mileage options, this is a car rental chain, such as Budget, Hertz and Alamo standards. However, some really exotic cars, such as Rolls-Royce Phantom or Ferrari, may be rented at a daily or even hourly rate and limited mileage.

Add your Sweethart name to let her drive

If you know this detail, you want your girlfriend to be surprised, do not forget to be in the leasing company Add her name to the instrument so that she can drive for herself.

[1945900] How to make it really surprising

Last but not least, you can not destroy the surprising aspects; therefore, rent a luxury car From a car rental shop, take the car home, so when your girlfriend arrives at your home on Friday night, it stops on the driveway.