Why the price is the king

The price is the king when it comes to the market. Of course there are many different ways to evaluate a company, different methods have their own advantages, but the company's pricing model still gives you the most accurate trading signals

than any oscillator, any basic ratio, or any Probability Chart Price is still the king of the stock market world. Rising stocks will continue to trend up until people panic and start selling.

In addition to historically occurring patterns in corporate prices, such as chart patterns and candlestick patterns will continue to occur again and again. People act in the foreseeable manner. They act in the same predictable way, because there is one such thing, the stock market. The price in the transaction mode allows you to take advantage of this.

It also allows you to reduce your losses. Look at the price, you can find support and resistance to the key level, if broken can mean a big move.

Now I'm not saying that price is the only thing you should see when you trade stocks. There are many other indicators, worth a visit. The quantity tells you how many people are trading during the day. A strong upward trend, low trading volume may mean that the trend is not strong.

Oscillators and other ratios such as financial ratios may be good secondary indicators. It is usually best to look at a few different things for a given security. But at the end of the day the price is important. You do not make money by how much debt the company has or how much money the oscillator makes; depending on where you sell the stock, you buy it where to make money. The market is simple to use the price model is simple, it is a perfect combination