Why We Celebrate Holidays

Most of us celebrate festivals – Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day – but why?

Of course, thanks to our religious beliefs, we celebrate some holidays. However, why do we insist on these happy occasions there are other reasons. These holidays broke the passage of the year and tied us together to become families and communities.

We celebrate the festival because we want to have fun. We want to take a break from our regular timetable, work and so on. No holidays, our week will run together for years of mediocrity. What is the October no child knocking on our doorbell asking for candy? What is the November no Turkish table and family? What is the February no heart-shaped box decorated kitchen counter? Answer: boring month, I said

We also celebrate the holidays because they are reassembled with family and long lost friends. Although we can always try to see family and close friends, but many people will not. Many people take their holidays when they are in contact with others. Feeling the warmth of the family, not only for us it is important that we enjoy the holidays because they bring the feeling of the community. The red heart decoration department store in December, the flickering lights on the lamppost in December, helped us to feel something bigger than ourselves.

In a world where there is no party and barbecue, like the last few decades. They can bake the cake and leave us together in a world where no one gets sugar from their neighbors, or when someone moves to the neighborhood

I urge everyone not to throw the holiday on the street. Go out at Christmastime to decorate your home. Enjoy your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend with a Valentine's Day gift. Halloween is absolutely fun. Even if you do not like Halloween, I promise that the children around you will appreciate your clothes, put a cemetery in your front yard, and then spread the candy.