World of Warcraft Gold Maker – a huge list of limited suppliers!

One of the easiest ways to make gold in World of Warcraft is the sale of limited supplies that other players really need. You need to go to some places, find special merchants, buy rare recipes, fine items, items, etc., and then went to the auction house to sell, to make a profit.

Usually when you talk to a supplier you will see a rare item next to (1) or (2). This means that only one or two specific items are left for the time being. Sometimes you can buy the remaining items at the auction house and sell them for profit. And if you have time, you can stick with it for a few minutes and then buy it again and buy more from the supplier

Some of the limited supplies in World of Warcraft are worth more than others The It all depends on your server congestion and the actual needs of a particular project. The following is a list of some of the special suppliers you can visit to find certain items that will sell lots of gold:

o Inland areas – visit Ruppo peaks living in the hills of Aerie northeast. He sometimes sells about 40 silver works of the project Mickey Dragon. You may sell 2-4 pieces of gold, depending on your server. But also look at the metal shoulder pattern, which can sometimes be found in that area. Resell 2-3 gold.

o Alchemy, looking for Stormwind City Shadow Power Recipe Pharmacy. Sold by the seller Maria Lumere in the Master area. You can only sell one at a time, so you need to re-check until it comes into effect. You can sell at least 6 pieces of gold.

o Orgrimmar, Stranglethorn and Ironforge can be found in high-quality defense and free acting syrup. Looking for suppliers Kor & # 39; geld, Soolie Berryfizz and Vosur Brakthel (although Kor & # 39; geld can sometimes be found in Stranglethorn Vale, you can sell every recipe for 3-5 gold

o you can get shadows In the supplier of Bliztik and Montarr's Duskwood and Thousands of Oil, on a very good server World of Warcraft server, you can sell 100-200% of the price at the auction house, not the price you paid!

o A limited supply of blacksmith recipes is a golden pattern where you can find it in Taranis, visit Krinkle Goodsteel or Trenton Lighthammer

o visit Stranglethorn Vale sometimes sold by suppliers Hemet Nesingwary and Vharr

o During the Stranglethorn Vale visit Zarena Cromwind, get the Moon Sword recipe, you can sell lots of gold in the world around the auction house

o You can find some limited in Blackrock depth Supply of Lokhtos Darkbargainer for black keel boots and corehound boots mode.

o In Winterspring, Monsoon town Everlook looking for supplier supplier Qia's frosted boots style.

o In the wetlands and Hillsborough foothills, you can get George Candarte and Weiner Sierka (19459003) [1945900]

o For the cropping mode, you can view the dark cloak pattern, dark silk shirt and magic suit in Desolace's Super seller 680.

] At Moonglade, visit Lorelae Wintersong for plush pants and Darnall for a rosy robe pattern.

o Visit Ironfge's Outfitter Eric, including tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirts, tuxedo jackets and lavender magic shirts.

These are just some examples of what can be found in "World of Warcraft". Once again, how much money you actually earn depends on your server, the time and needs of the day. Hope you can learn enough stuff from this guide to make all the gold you need!