WoW PVP Warlock Pet

As a Warlock, we see many players use their roles differently and then we do it Different talent tree, different gemstones used, statistics food, and the most confusing, different pet used. In the case of PVP, we need to know what kind of pet will make us longer, to help us better understand the honor point. There are several observations that I have done a warlock, and in the pet PVP case looked at other warlock.

Many Warlocks choose to use Imp. Imp is the person we are most familiar with, and he is almost from the first minute of flat to our side. He gives us a stamina lift that makes us alive for longer, when using certain talent points and glyphs, he can be very deadly! Many PVP Warlocks use Imp, but just turn him into a passive. They rely on fear and lattice to kill the enemy, and their attack is only used to enhance the endurance, or when they obviously lost the battle, he will attack a player.

Voidwalker is a protector. We learn early in the game, a Voidwalker is there so that we do not get hurt while we escape spells. We also know that when it comes to injury, Voidwalker is not much help, he and your other player is a wall, but his defensive state is like a defense, like wearing anti-deck

Do you have a humanoid fool on your tail? Pull out the evil guard! Finished leather clothing and whip, she will make the enemy paralyzed. She can handle the pain of the enemy, can cause considerable damage. I did not see a lot of people using evil guards, but because we were faced with it, so she could not attract everyone!

If you encounter magic damage to the players in trouble, please take out the hunter to rotate! Hunter magic and spell blocks! The caster had little defense against him. He will get a lot of damage when he pulls the caster from your back. However, when the melee encounter, the evil hunter needs to see his back, he can cut in a short time cutting.

In my opinion, the best is the evil guard! You see him in many PVP cases. The evil guard is the ultimate protector, and he can be hurt like no other pet, and can handle it almost.

Although I see some pets with different talent points, glyphs and scrolls used together, but the evil guards can dizzy enemies, cause harm and make him leave your back, in my opinion, PVP only One way is to bring my evil guards to my side. With him, I am protected and fearless.