Writing Happy

I still remember the voice of my teacher, she said: "When you come out of my desk for my light blue magazines When I am excited to jump up.As my family knows I like to write, they always give me a shiny pink and silver pencil. It really makes writing more interesting! However, some of my friends moan in pain When they realize that math class is over and is time to write! I always smile to my friend, I said: "Think about what you love or something that makes you smile, if you think carefully, writing is easy The I always remind other people that it is important to attract the reader's attention and make them feel like they are in the story. In addition, let the reader want to know, "Wow, what happens next?"

Once my teacher picked up her new yellow chalk, I knew she was ready to write our writing subject class. I sat up straight and took out my flash pencil and opened a new, new page. I am ready to go to another writing trip, I use the shiny pencil feel so free. I want to know my heart and pencil in my writing class where I will take me

My eyes stick to the board and my teacher writes our writing choices. Oh, when the teacher gives us the choice, I like it. In my teacher wrote a choice of A, B and C, my eyes always travel to the choice D. There are some special words, "Choose D: Write anything you want". This is the theme I usually choose

While some students curled up in the corner of the magazine or graffiti, I immediately started writing. I think it sounds strange, but I want my teacher to smile, learn new things from me, and travel with me, after all, I do not want to let me know My writing is just a page on the words. It will make my teacher bored. I always want my teacher to feel as if she is actually in the story. For me it is important to awaken my teacher's feeling and guidance Images, adjectives, sights and sounds.I want my teacher to catch a bag of popcorn, sitting on the edge of her chair and want to know: "wow, how does Joanna take me next?" "

When the teacher said," Do not worry, if you are not finished today, you can do homework. " I laughed every time the teacher let us finish the story of our homework as it meant that I sat at my favorite writing place at home! When I sit in the fireplace in the living room, or when I sit in the corridor of the corridor, the sparks will fly from my pencil. If it was a spring evening, my third favorite place was in my front porch, not far from the tulips and flowers in full bloom. Adults also need their favorite writing point! We need to leave the busy life and leave room for writing in our timetable. My favorite adult writing place is still in my fireplace or near any fireplace. However, I no longer write in my staircase or front porch. It is usually in hiking trails, trains ride or near the ocean. In addition, I have returned to my alma mater, Sacred Heart University, write. Sometimes it is in front of the library, in the same place as I wrote as a student. Other times it is in the Sacred Heart University Library, not far from the aroma of coffee

My heart always makes me write real experience. I can not write something that does not exist. There are always a lot of activity and a stir in my house. So when i went to my favorite writing place, I never took a long time to figure out what to write. I always sit in my favorite writing place every day. I can focus on choosing the right adjectives, metaphors, metaphor and all the other important ingredients of my story. I believe that writers always need their favorite places so that stories can flow from the brain, heart and fingers

When I was in college, I wrote stories in several magazines. My love of writing made me the editor of the student magazine of Sacred Heart University. I had the honor to write a story and chose other student works that would be included in the literary magazine.

I have been keeping a magazine in my adult life. Sometimes I will pull out my diary, write some beautiful, attract my eyes and my heart.

During the beautiful autumn hiking trip, I decided to accept my friend's advice and write a book. I do not want this book just about my experience, but I want to know someone else's experience. With the encouragement of my teachers, professors, family and friends, I was able to publish my first book "Life Italy – American Stories"

Writing and Literature World will always be at the heart of my life In my heart. I have suggestions for anyone who likes to write as follows:

1. Spend time every night to write.

2. Write your writing into your daily activities such as holidays, breakfast times or train trips. Keep it at the heart of your life.

3. Keep close to your family and friends who share your writing passion. Their energy will inspire you to write.

4. Those who read and appreciate your work will give you the words of praise or will tell you how they love your creative work. Your writing is a gift for someone else. When they are connected with your story, you will want to keep writing!

When I see children and adults write, it brings me happiness. This is a special gift that you can develop. Your creative work is never fading gift