Yes, the legendary manufacturer of the classic Harley-Davidson motorbike is now over to celebrate its 100th anniversary of the founding of the car that really sold out … well. When Hawgs can Fly: Harley Davidson Mitaka


Over the years, in addition to its large twin cruiser and lighter Sportsters. Harley-Davidson made tricycles in the form of utility and police "tricycles," but they were Baniwa gravel blocks, which, by contrast, looked short-lived, but the fast-paced Mitaka, circa 1984 year. The opportunity is

[2] Before the limited production, the automobile factory decided to fill it as its own surface Some of the exotic niches without names. In the previous year, HD and Austria Rotax company reached a contract on the engine gear box unit, the unit for 500cc short-range car, perhaps it is in this internationalist excitement, Milwaukee selected by the tricycle France Of the Citroen four-stroke. Yes, "Citroen" seems to be loosely translated as "lemon". But this lightweight, blade-treated bird bait is no acid citrus

fuel economy decades ago, although the bizarre German Messerschmitt "car", a recycling bit of the German Air Force fighter, has Two passengers in Germany after World War II. Since then, all other motorcycle engine-driven tricycles / bike hybrids have been born in Dr. Frankenstein's lab, but none has been caught. In the early 1980s, Tri-Hawk appeared when the experimenter again sought alternative design and better power options. Tri-Hawk is the product of this enthusiasm, designed by racing engineer Robert McKee caused, and deep pocket contracting project is a millionaire athlete Lou Richards. The finished product is assembled in a small factory in the coastal town of Dana Point, located between SoCal Sun in Los Angeles and San Diego. 1299 cubic inches flat four air-cooled engine front, frame and suspension response McGee's racing experience. Again borrowed from French technology, the builder combines the hydraulic braking system manufactured by Renault

through a 5-speed variable speed drive axle transmission at 1300 lb, powered by 80 hp, called "Exciting Performance Characteristics" .

If you want to buy a Tri-Hawk company in Harlee-Davidson in the fall of 1984, you have to cough up. $ 12,000 today will only buy about two-thirds of the big twins. At that time the 12K seemed a lot of vehicles without top, only three wheels. However, it is attractive and substantive in the performing and superficial sectors. It may, should … but the factory game plan lacks support in the field of infrastructure sales. Milwaukee decided not to sell them through their dealers, leaving only the factory in Dana Point and three other franchise locations to sell the Mitaka … not entirely universal usability, nor the way Super Bowl advertising was promoted. Even then, only about eleven Mitaka left the factory nests every month, nor did they accurately fly from the assembly door to the waiting public.

Bottom Line, Mitaka is an intelligent design that carefully manufactures motion machines that share most of the adrenaline-producing quality of cobra eyeballs and performance of lotus cars with agile handling but with motorcycle license and insurance allowances , Plus a little jet fighter jets. It can carry two relatively comfortable, safe thanks to the integral roller and seat belt. And you do not need to know French to drive one. They are not subtle or temperamental, give good gas mileage and are easy to park. During the bend, they ate big Beemers and Mercedes-Benz breakfast. Today's Big 12 seems to be a bargain, except for the final Mitaka, the author knows selling for $ 25,000. You can fly around Los Angeles, fly a man laughing near the Malibu Gorge