You can make money as a frugal coach

As the economy slips down, the unemployment rate remains high, and frugality and simple life become public virtues. Obviously the consumption is out, and even people who can afford whatever they want can cut their public purchases so as not to stand out and cause their attention.

It is important that only frugal and simple life coaches can provide guidance that has a high demand throughout the social and economic context. Even just look.

For example, people will provide you with expertise in how to grow your home garden, especially if you make your information specific, unusual or unique. The annual "how to grow herbs and vegetables e-books" will stand out in a group of competitors, these competitors only provide the usual general recommendations.

This possibility is endless. Almost every aspect of everyday life has niche market opportunities. Best budget friendly makeup. How to give a great party while saving money. How to extend the life of electronic gears. How to make your own Christmas decorations.

Almost anything about how to re-adjust things, work or repair (especially clothes) ideas are fair. Online and offline advertising, your own or DIY magic terms can attract people's attention.

Your expertise can come from a lifetime experience of a particular craft or skill, or it can be a new one. The quality of information is the most important, because people will pay the price. The good news is that you can get the legal high level of expertise in almost any subject in a very short time. You can study almost any online research skills on your computer. Public library crafts or lifestyle sections can provide you with dozens of ideas for hours.

Take a few minutes on your local border or on the magazine shelves of the Barnes & Noble bookstore. This is a great way to conduct market research because publishers do not introduce new magazines without first doing homework on the expected needs. Cover stories and feature stories will tell you the current hot spots.