You can make money in the stock market

… but not if you follow the Wall Street professor's approach. They want you to be confused, so you'll go to some of the brokers already given

Wall Street's "buy, buy, never sell" mantra

Advice from the broker is yours

Money. No customers of the yacht. Jize,

Louise, I'm too hard on a broker

Financial Planner (They are from the same one

cloth)? Let's do a little historical research

Do you remember in 2000 when you had

Is there more money in your account than it is now? Oh,

Touch the nerves, right? Your broker or

Financial experts call you to tell

Time to sell or he says you should buy more

Because the stock is cheap? The latter is

The story of the big boy from New York. they

There is a stock sale

Have any broker or TV head speak

Say "Cash is a Place"? No! If there are any proxies

once said that he would be fired by customers

On the spot and TV genius can not because

Station advertisers will cancel. what

Would ole "You can not go out

Marketplace "Chuck Schwab says Brokerage

Do not make money when your money is in a money

Market Account

So What Should Investors Do?

You must have an exit strategy. anyone

Can buy. The waiter can give you a thousand

Why buy almost any equity reasons. If you

Looking back at history, it is always financial

Genius who has sold to make millions. you

Do not have to be Edward Lefevre, Gerald Loeb or

Richard Witheff protects you hard earned


There are many good selling methods. on

Internet Go to Google or any search engine and

Type the "Stock exit policy". Have

Literally millions of websites have quit

Strategies you can buy or free of charge. my words

The suggestion is to find a very simple one. this is

which KISS formula (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Very important.

The final step is up to you. You have to take action

When the strategy says sell. When all that and

The key to success in the market is not

It is sold. Do not come back to you

Profits are never allowed in your big loss


If your broker will not work with you to get another one

Brokers and insist on limiting the loss

Protect your profits in any position

have. This is the key to the success of the stock market